Cambridge Business and Technology Cluster

The intelligence of Cambridge changes the Business world.

Few locations have such global recognition and even fewer live up to their reputation. Cambridge nurtures some of the world’s leading advances in technology and science in business and as such, plays host to some of the most diverse and dynamic companies in the world.

For decades leading organisations, SME’s and start-ups, have chosen to locate in and around Cambridge, forging one of the largest and most successful business and technology clusters in the UK and beyond.

Access to world-class research, greater opportunities for collaboration and access to highly skilled employees have been the catalyst for development and, in turn, are key to the continuing success of the region.

A spirit of collaboration exists in the Cambridge Business and Technology Cluster, where businesses learn from each other through contact partnerships.

Haverhill Research Park has won Enterprise Zone status giving potential occupiers on the development benefits including a business rate discount of up to 100% for five years.